Friday, May 4, 2018


Hi guys, the purpose of publishing this article on my blog is to let people know about the experiences of my University called National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan which is a world famous university in terms of education as well as many other factors. I would be discussing those factors, brief overview of the university, my experiences and other such things frequently in various articles published on my blog.
But first of all, I would like to introduce myself a little bit so that the readers could have some background knowledge about the kind of person they are reading about. I am not sure whether you have seen me or not previously if you are already an NCTU student, that’s why attaching my picture as well :P

My name is Aftab Saleem. I was born on 24th of august in a village named Dhoke Fateh Shah situated in Pakistan. Despite the lack of interest in education in our family my father decided to educate his children. My native location was a backward area and with very less educational facilities, so my father decided to move to a city, gave his children the finest possible education throughout their educational life although it was beyond his financial capabilities. I have been studying in very well reputed colleges in my country and ultimately ended up getting a Master’s degree from No. 1 ranked university in Pakistan called Quaid I Azam University. I was also fond of and got opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities and explore my talents. As I was not from a strong financial background so I had to work my way through to complete my education. Shown below are some good old memories of past.

After completing my Master’s, I aimed for PhD to fulfill my dreams. Since I always had studies in top ranked organizations of my country due to good grades and co-curricular facilities, for my PhD I searched for an institute which has fine faculty, good educational funding, good QS ranking in the field of engineering and which is working on innovation to meet the needs to contemporary world. I wanted contribute in progress of branch of electromagnetics but also wanted to apply it somewhere to serve disabilities and physical impairments of human body, however to fulfill my dream I needed some help from some institute and its qualified faculty, I applied for PhD in NCTU and dream came true. I got admission in PhD along with the girl I liked. We also had applied for scholarship and we got that as well. After that, we got married and came to Taiwan.

Getting admission in NCTU and coming to Taiwan is a whole lot of experiences in itself.
Let’s start from the very beginning. When I applied for admission and scholarship, first of all I got interviewed by a professor regarding my educational background, future interests and intentions and other such research related things. After that I got the admission call through email and scholarship letter as well. NCTU also sends a hardcopy to your mailing address few days after admission announcement. They have a proper platform well-built for international students, it has a number of people always willing to help you out regarding your queries and confusions. The program I got registered in is called as Electrical Engineering and Computer Science International Graduate Program or EECS in short. Once I got admission, there comes the paper work like medical, document notarization, attestation from Taipei Economic and Cultural office or TECO whether in Hong Kong or Saudi Arabia, bank statement, etc., then shopping and at last packing your stuff.
Since I came from Pakistan and it has no diplomatic relations with Taiwan so in order to get Taiwanese visa, after all the above explained procedure, I had to go to some other country from where I could get my visa stamped on my passport. For that purpose, I chose Thailand due to reasons like its natural beauty, accessible embassy, cheap hotels and feasible routing between Pakistan and Taiwan. Also a lot of seniors went through the same procedure so one gets enough help while doing this visa processing procedure. Once I got Thai visa, I came to Thailand with a group of friends. In Thailand, students need to wait a couple of days and the international office of NCTU is really co-operative and responsive in the meantime. You get a work-cum-vacation kind of situation while your stay in Thailand. It was a memorable stay and wonderful journey heading towards the destination i.e. Taiwan. Shown below are some Thai memories.


After reaching Taipei airport, we booked a cab for NCTU dormitory named as Bo Ai campus located in the city of science park, Hsinchu. We reached in the evening, dorm manager was nice and co-operative, we got our room key and settled our stuff. Bo Ai is a very calm and peaceful place with a lot of greenery, beautiful birds and inexpensive grocery marts and other daily life facilities nearby. We were provided with internet facility and emergency contact numbers. Shown below is a glimpse outside the building of dormitory but inside campus.

Bo Ai has all day long University bus service that takes students to and from main campus at different timings which is very convenient, comfortable and well-maintained mode of transportation. We were being called next day for new student orientation and we used the same bus service for that purpose. Students were provided very crucial and clear information regarding emergency contacts, life in Hsinchu and NCTU, scholarship renewal procedures, other funding options and almost whatever one would expect to be given to a new international student including a box of fresh and delicious snacks, senior students contacts, soft and hardcopies of stuff being spoken and presented in the orientation. On the same day, we went through some registration procedures, documentation processing, temporary health insurance application, internet profile allocation and activation for university Wifi, etc.,

We were given some time (a few days) to figure out and register courses we want to take in the first semester. That day was full of excitement and enthusiasm, new experiences and there was a flowing river of feelings. Given below are some of my earliest NCTU memories and experiences but there are a lot more I want to share. I will be explaining them all in my upcoming articles so stay connected and updated through my blog.
Cheers J